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My name is Monique Constance and I am the founder of Black Love Project. More than that, I am a daughter, sister, friend and lover. I was born to  West African (Liberia and Ghana stand up!) parents and have always taken my culture wherever I go. A political scientist by degree and a writer/poet by gift, I have been blending my background in theory and art to explore the people and culture of the African Diaspora.
I started Black Love Project as a way to understand my own feelings about love. After learning that love manifests itself in a myriad of ways, I wanted to explore how it showed itself in Black people and Black music. My goal is not one of separatist ideals, but rather to educate the masses about the beautiful culture I have been privileged to be born into.
I am originally from Smyrna, Georgia and currently reside in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was a member of the 2016 Eclectic Truth National Poetry team and have taught creative writing workshops in Baton Rouge and Plaquemine, Louisiana. When not working, I like to explore New Orleans, write poetry and listen to Paul Simon – the greatest songwriter of this century.
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I am available for poetry readings and workshop facilitations. If you’re interested in bringing me to your school or community, send me a note!