Love Is: Phoenix Eden Sitting with Phoenix Eden was a very beautiful experience. She spoke candidly about love and the manner in which the strength of black women influenced and nurtured her. Phoenix lives life in duality, honoring both her masculine and feminine energy, never once denying or hiding either. Watch as she tells her life story and the interweaving of … Continue reading Love Is: Phoenix Eden


BLP in Chicago

I am so excited to be facilitating a workshop about the art of writing about love and identity politics. If you're in the Chicago area, please come see me! This workshop will occur during the 2017 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitationals (CUPSI), so come check out all of the amazing teams competing, particularly Tulane (me … Continue reading BLP in Chicago

Did Ya Miss Me?

We're back! Black Love Project has evolved into a cultural institute dedicated to preserving the legacy of the music and history of black people. We do so by focusing on love, music and history. Come with as we continue our exploration of the African Diaspora. 


Name: Christina Age: 29 Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Love Is: An intense appreciation for another, an unexplainable connection. It is multifaceted. Beautiful and ugly but powerful. Last month I attended a brunch hosted by Blavity during Essence Festival. It was an event full of young, black women who all were there to network and learn one … Continue reading Christina

Love Poems: Tilted Crown on Write About Now (Live)   From August 1-5, I traveled home to Atlanta to compete at the National Poetry Slam as a member of Eclectic Truth National Team, Baton Rouge. Amir Safi, Chibbi Orduña and Christopher Diaz of Write About Now were gracious enough to host an after hours cypher. More than 40 poets performed and yours truly … Continue reading Love Poems: Tilted Crown on Write About Now (Live)