It’s all love where we come from

                             – Common | 2005


Love. A word that has 345 definitions depending on who you ask. Whether it is love for your family, friends or lovers, there will be a time where your heart will be touched by love. But what is it? How do our life experiences define what we believe love to be?

Black Love Project seeks these answers through the following:

Love Is : A docuseries that captures Black narratives on film. Preserving the African tradition of oral history, Love Is features dialogue with and amongst members from across the Diaspora as they discuss their nuanced perspectives on love and life.

Love Is is also offered as a conversational workshop, where participants are allowed the space to discuss their perspectives on love, music and history. Bring us to your community!

The Questions: Interviews that highlight writers, activists, business owners, etc. of the african diaspora. they are given a chance to define love while sharing their works done for and with the community.


Want to be a part of the conversation? If you’d like to be featured on The Questions or Love Is, send us a note and we’ll be in touch. We want to hear your story!