Love Is: Phoenix Eden Sitting with Phoenix Eden was a very beautiful experience. She spoke candidly about love and the manner in which the strength of black women influenced and nurtured her. Phoenix lives life in duality, honoring both her masculine and feminine energy, never once denying or hiding either. Watch as she tells her life story and the interweaving of … Continue reading Love Is: Phoenix Eden


Love Is: Dr. Cornel West

Yesterday, Dr. Cornel West gave a lecture at Tulane University for the Black Student Union's Black Arts Fest. I had the chance to ask him in what way he believed Black music and artistic expression aided Black liberation efforts. He responded by discussing the way artists like Coltrane, The Isley Brothers, Curtis Mayfield and James … Continue reading Love Is: Dr. Cornel West


Name: Christina Age: 29 Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Love Is: An intense appreciation for another, an unexplainable connection. It is multifaceted. Beautiful and ugly but powerful. Last month I attended a brunch hosted by Blavity during Essence Festival. It was an event full of young, black women who all were there to network and learn one … Continue reading Christina


Name: Kennedy Age: 5 Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia Love Is: I don't know! I recently visited Houston, Texas and was able to spend time with my good friends Lauren and Josh. This was my first time seeing them in almost three years. Ours is a friendship that, no matter how much time has passed, is always pleasant and we … Continue reading Kennedy