love poems: emotional selectivity

i get it everyone you've loved has left you your deep eyes have seen the dark shadows of death as they sweep through corners of the bay you steel yourself to those who want to stay because you have not met anyone who does not leave people come and go as do the sun and …


Love Poems: Don’t Come to Say You Love Me

1.3.2015 don't come to say you love me if you are not ready to be loved by me my love will swallow you whole and spit you out a new man there may come women after me but it will be my name that haunts you it will be my face you see in dark …

Love Poems: Spilt Milk

4.6.11 broken men do not see their cracks but women do. and we think our grace sufficient to fill the imperfections. so we pour ourselves into their chipped vessels and wonder why they do not cry over our spilt milk.