By Monique Ameyo


my name is Monique and I am writer, poet and teaching artist. Black Love Project, is my personal exploration of the African Diaspora.

come along for the quest, as i examine love, music and history.

Black Immigrants Matter

Thirty – five years ago today, my father arrived in America. My mother would join him the following January. He came on a scholarship to obtain his Masters from Denver University. He came to escape what would become the First Liberian Civil War – a twenty year conflict that would claim the lives of millions. I have never taken for granted the sacrifice and isolation of my parents’ immigrant experience; the abuse from both white and Black America. As Africans, they were thrust into the strange dynamic that is race relations in this country. They endured to ensure my sister…

Black Women Are Teachers

Becoming a teacher saved my life. I began my teaching career one month after the passing of my father. I’d spent the summer grieving – laying in bed sad and lost – navigating the path of who I was now that he was gone. On the first day of school, I sat nervously behind my desk – and watched as a gaggle of bright faced Black students walked into my classroom. Ahmad, Caleb, and Dalyn shook hands and found pleasure in having class together. Taryn entered, long legged with a mouth full of braces. Then Shaheem, loud and prepared for…

Love Is: Phoenix Eden

Sitting with Phoenix Eden was a very beautiful experience. She spoke candidly about love and the manner in which the strength of black women influenced and nurtured her. Phoenix lives life in duality, honoring both her masculine and feminine energy, never once denying or hiding either. Watch as she tells her life story and the interweaving of love of self and for others.

BLP in Chicago

I am so excited to be facilitating a workshop about the art of writing about love and identity politics. If you’re in the Chicago area, please come see me! This workshop will occur during the 2017 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitationals (CUPSI), so come check out all of the amazing teams competing, particularly Tulane (me being their coach bears no bias.) 

Love Is: Dr. Cornel West

Yesterday, Dr. Cornel West gave a lecture at Tulane University for the Black Student Union’s Black Arts Fest. I had the chance to ask him in what way he believed Black music and artistic expression aided Black liberation efforts. He responded by discussing the way artists like Coltrane, The Isley Brothers, Curtis Mayfield and James Brown made Black people feel good spiritually. That you could go to a four hour Brown concert and if you didn’t hear him play something, all you had to do was yell that out and he’d play the song. He said, “Oligarchs have made it…

On Super Sunday and Mardi Gras Indians

     (press play)     I’m havin’ my fun on the Mardi Gras Day Mardi Gras, for many, means a chance to travel to New Orleans and indulge in a certain kind of debauchery that is generally frowned upon in the rest of the world. There is something exciting  to tourists about being able to drink alcohol openly and wander down infamous Bourbon Street. When we look at Mardi Gras historically, there is a blatant foundation of racism and classism. You see this in the high membership fees for parading krewes and veiled white men who often selectively (see racially-selective), throw…

Did Ya Miss Me?

We’re back! Black Love Project has evolved into a cultural institute dedicated to preserving the legacy of the music and history of black people. We do so by focusing on love, music and history. Come with as we continue our exploration of the African Diaspora. 

with love: an open letter from your token black friend

  hey, It’s me Monique, your token black friend.  Do you remember me? It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, you’ve become eerily silent since the murders of Rekia Boyd, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling – I could go on but I won’t bore you with semantics. You do sometimes like my posts about…

love poems: hairy legs

when a white feminist cries how many black women will she ask to hand her a tissue? three two to hold the box and one to wipe her tears when being privileged gets too hard for her how many of them will come to you for comfort? two and how many times, black woman will…


Name: Christina Age: 29 Hometown: Columbus, Ohio Love Is: An intense appreciation for another, an unexplainable connection. It is multifaceted. Beautiful and ugly but powerful. Last month I attended a brunch hosted by Blavity during Essence Festival. It was an event full of young, black women who all were there to network and learn one…