My name is Monique Constance and I am the founder of Black Love Project.

Black Love Project is an organization whose mission is two fold: to document Black stories and storytellers and to positively impact students of the African Diaspora through creative writing.

I started Black Love Project in 2013 after experiencing my first heartbreak at the hands of a musician. The social scientist in me used the heartache to question how much art reflected life. If the Marvin Gaye songs I used in comfort told a love story – how much of that song told social and political stories of Black people? I wanted to find the connection between Black music and its reflection of the people. And thus, Black Love Project was born.

I began interviewing Black people about their definitions of love – speaking with artists like Big Sant and 9th Wonder (my very first interview) and everyday people. This documentation turned into Love Is – a series of interviews that archive black stories.

As someone who fell into the world of poetry and education, the focus of Black Love Project shifted from inward to outward. Working with students in a creative capacity led me to focus on impacting the education of students of the African Diaspora – giving them space to express themselves and explore their identity through writing and history.

Through Writer’s Block – a creative writing workshop, I create curriculum that centers the history and art of the African Diaspora, while challenging young writers to think critically and creatively.

I am so happy that you have found this site and look forward to sharing all the stories of love, grief, and everything Black.

be well,