Love Is: Dialogue with the African Diaspora

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Three years ago, I began collecting interviews of Black people, questioning their definition of love and discussing other issues related to their personal Black narrative. I started by asking friends (thanks to you BUGA), strangers and musicians, including Big Sant and 9th Wonder. Each interview, each personal narrative proved that Black is not a monolith, that we do perceive and feel and above all, we love.

One of the goals of Black Love Project is to create a digital media library of Black history. I believe it is important that we are our own storytellers. As I grow and as Black Love Project grows, I think it’s important that the way I document these stories evolves, as well.

Love Is, is that evolution. Love Is: Dialogue with the African Diaspora is a docuseries of Black stories that I will collect along my travels and everyday life. I am in no way a filmmaker, but I do believe it is important the these narratives are told with the nuances and inflections of the people who are telling them. This series is meant to reveal the layers of the Diaspora, to educate and connect.

Stay tuned for the first episode’s release in August!



This series is also offered as a workshop and Black healing space. If you, your school or organization would like to participate, please contact me directly at:


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