James Harrison: Untitled


What I love most about working with the younger generation is being able to learn from their honest and earnest perspectives. Listen to James as he questions color politics and understanding history within the black community.


this is supposed to be our month
but why do we have to celebrate our history
once a month, once a year at one time
and that’s only for the ones that notice

i never wanted to come off offensive
but blacks need more than just one month
to be remembered
this is just compensation
for the one twelfth of the year
because we were three fifths of a person
now is that fair?

i never wanted to be national tragedy
or neither a national treasury
i just want to be able to look
through the history books and
see what we did right
because February isn’t just
national black history month
it’s national minority month
a month for confederates to say,
“oops, we’ll do better next time.”

the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
the darker the flesh the deeper the roots

but how far do we date back when the black
was forced to mix with the white
and didn’t make fifty shades of grey
but the next generation of house slves

and now a hard history filled with cotton balles
covering rock spires not knowing
there’s a deeper meaning behind what we say
like #lightskin #darkskin wars on social media
but really mean #houseslave vs. #fieldslave

even rap and hip-hop is corrupted
with images of black bodies
committing all the bank robberies
cause corporate America’s scandalous
that’s why they still can’t handle us

liquor straight to my livah
ignorance just might kill yah
poverty just might hit chah
while walking home from the river

it’s racism

because we are constantly being force fed lies
of how one shade of slave is better than the next
because after two-hundred years of overflowing hatred

if we don’t know our roots
then why did we leave the plantation?


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