From February, 2016

James Harrison: Untitled

  What I love most about working with the younger generation is being able to learn from their honest and earnest perspectives. Listen to James as he questions color politics and understanding history within the black community. Untitled: this is supposed to be our month but why do we have to celebrate our history once a month, once a year at one time and that’s only for the ones that notice i never wanted to come off offensive but blacks need more than just one month to be remembered this is just compensation for the one twelfth of the year…

James Harrison

Name: James Age: 17 Hometown: Baton Rouge, La (Scotlandville) Love Is: Love to me isn’t really a specific, defined thing.  It’s something that you actually have to get through to a connection with somebody. Love and hate, you actually have to tough it through with somebody , be with somebody, with all their quirks and actually understand and work through even if you can’t stand it at [some] times. It’s not just about giving up, it’s also about that connection that you have to have with somebody and it’s not always in a positive way. [Because] some people claim that…

Samiya McCullam

  Name: Samiya McCullum Age: 9 Hometown: Baton Rouge, La Love Is: I think live is an affection. . . um… when… you…love somebody, maybe? That’s it!