Black Love Project x The Baton Rouge Youth Coalition



I was recently asked to be the Poetry Slam Coach for the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition, a non-profit that works with high achieving, low-income high school students, preparing them to succeed in their collegiate careers. I will be working with local young poets and coaching them on their writing and performance, at the end of the season our goal is to compete in All City, a nationwide poetry slam for teen poets.

Out of this opportunity also comes something I’ve envisioned for a while and I’m pleased to announce that  Black Love Project will be working with the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition in facilitating Griot, a creative writing workshop.  The workshop is a safe space for the kids to learn and discuss music, artists and socio-political statements of the African Diaspora. They will also be able to explore and express themselves creatively. Since a goal of Black Love Project is to gather black stories from black storytellers, these workshops will be filmed in order to give light and a voice to the young, gifted and black students of Baton Rouge.

Griot will be held every Saturday morning at 460 North 11th Street. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816

If you’d like more information or know of any youth who may benefit from the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition or Griot, please contact me directly:


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