From January, 2016

Eclectic Truth Poetry Slam Semi Finals

  This Tuesday, I, along with 14 other amazing local poets, will be competing to be amongst the final 10 who make it to finals. The top five poets will make represent Baton Rouge on a local and national level. If you’re in Baton Rouge, come on by. 427 Laural Street.|Baton Rouge, La.| 7:30pm Advertisements

Black Love Project x The Baton Rouge Youth Coalition

  I was recently asked to be the Poetry Slam Coach for the Baton Rouge Youth Coalition, a non-profit that works with high achieving, low-income high school students, preparing them to succeed in their collegiate careers. I will be working with local young poets and coaching them on their writing and performance, at the end of the season our goal is to compete in All City, a nationwide poetry slam for teen poets. Out of this opportunity also comes something I’ve envisioned for a while and I’m pleased to announce that  Black Love Project will be working with the Baton…