Love Poems: Vanity

you once said something about being a reflection of me
if that is the case
then you’ve shown me i am beautiful
black and proud

in you i see how lonely and sad
and selfish i am
how strong and full of hope i am
how small i feel

how i carry my wounds like crosses to
Calvary and call out my Holy Father’s name

Adonai, it is finished
Golgotha weeps

i use words to describe love i’ve only dreamed of
but have never tasted
do not know how to give

i whisper bedtime stories to lovers about past life love affairs
and caresses that stop time
you inside of me
me on top of you
bodies writhing
in rhythms given by ancestors

‘we are one’, you said
growing seeds
brown babies who will not
see the things we’ve seen
will not know sorrow

maybe a better family than we had
maybe this will eat our loneliness
maybe if we call it love
we will forget that goodbyes come unexpectedly

but they always come

it is true
i do see myself in you

i recognize untold pains masked in solid shell
sometimes i crumble when the morning breaks
my roots ache and stretch
something calls to me from the fog of these bayous
is it you or me?

oh lover
you have shown me your true colors
you have shown me myself in multitudes
so i thank you

Adonai, it is finished
Golgotha weeps


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