Love Poems: The Wars You’ve Faced

the wars you’ve faced have never
been of the flesh, you say.
of course,
you only sound the trumpet
for matters of the soul.
you were still fighting your battle with her
on the day you said you loved me.
i saw your armor
but only thought of you as king
i did not know that i’d met you on the front lines
how was i to know this was a war zone?
you are like a haunted house
the way you sleep with ghosts of lovers past
she haunts your dreams
yet, you say that i imagine her presence
don’t you know that i too see spirits?
you’ve left to chase phantoms who call out to you
from the shadows of harlem
you’ve been waiting on her
while selling me sweet dreams to bide your time
i do not blame you, for i bought them gladly
she is your Siren and you have heard her singing
you rush to her shores and your destruction
one in the the same
and only look back to tell me not to wait



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