Name: Jayell
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 25
Age You First Fell in Love: 16
Love Is: That infatuation, you can’t do without it. You know what I mean? You can’t do life without it.

Jayell: The first time I like, fell in love, like love-love love? I would say 16 or maybe 23.

Monique: What was the difference between those two times?

Jayell: It was just a period of infatuation I had and I just fell in love, I couldn’t go without it. I feel like twenty-three was stronger that sixteen but that’s not to say sixteen wasn’t love.

Monique: What made you love hip hop?

Jayell: The people that I loved, loved hip hop. There was something about the sound and the feeling of things, the whole aura of a song. Even this song playing (Mos Def/Yasiin Bey’s Ms. Fat Booty is playing in the background), there’s something about all the different components of it that come together, it complements each other and that’s love.


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