Black Baron


Name: Black Baron
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Age: 24
Age You First Fell in Love: 16
Love Is: Loyalty, passion. Just that genuine bond and that genuine wanting to see each other succeed. And to see each other parallel with one another in a positive aspect.

Black: Black stands for Believer Liberating Affirmative Cultural Knowledge

Monique: As an artist, or musician, what made you fall in love with music?

Black: I would say the first time I heard music and really feeling it control me. Seeing that I could have the power to do the same thing. And once I started attending SAE in Atlanta, I was able to see the actual technical aspects of music in a literal sense and really see how God is involved with the whole aspect of music. In all frequencies from high to low, in how they either control you or instruct you. Seeing that and understanding that made me really change the type of message that I’m trying to send with my lyrics.

Monique: And as far as being a black man, do you actively think of that when you’re creating?

Black: I do. I like to speak about a lot of real experiences. A lot of times, a lot of black brothers going through child support and the systematic system of slavery. Understanding that, I like to speak out about that a lot, knowing that it’s going to hit a soft spot with them. And if that can ring a bell, in a mother who is systematically washed, to wake her up a bit, then I’ve done my job.


You can listen to his music here!


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