Name: Kanz
Hometown: Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York
Age: 29
Age You First Fell in Love: That would be very hard [to answer], I would say 16
Love Is: You don’t know until you actually finish the whole thing.

Monique: And what is love to you?

Kanz: Matter of fact, I’m going to say twelve. I say that because love to me is love for music. I fell in love with music. I’m going to say twelve is when I was really into new art. But it all branched from listening to records that my mother and my family played. The evolution of jazz, built me to love music. I don’t know how to express love as far as physical energy. The energy is within and it comes out as music.

Monique: So music is then an extension of the things you can’t outwardly say. I’ve dated artists before and I’ve found that the things they were not able to say to me, they were able to get out in song.

Kanz: Exactly. You have to understand that artists are very dynamic people, at the end of the day, the best way I can say it is that, we’re Superman, but when it comes to a female, we’re Clark Kent.

Monique: Why is that?

Kanz: Because the woman has to be dynamic as well, to overstand the type of dynamic, you know, that they’re dealing with. You know what I’m saying? And every artist is different, every artist deals with different things differently. That’s why the best way I can say it is; I’m Superman but everybody can’t know I’m Superman, so I’m Clark Kent. So when I’m in a relationship I’m the same way. So it might be a little hard to express your love, because the love that you put into the relationship, is not the exact love that you would put into your music.

Monique: That’s so true, I’ve found that most artists can be so vulnerable with their music. You can have these hardened men, hardened niggas, who are able to say, “My feelings are hurt” or “I miss my dad” in song, they’re able to say that in song; but to sit down and verbalize it [is different] they’re not going to go to a therapist.

Kanz: Exactly, it’s therapy. So the birth of art is the reason why we are here. It takes the job of a therapist. We’re like therapy to the community or whoever we’re around. Because we absorb all the energy, it’s not just our own energy. It’s energy from everything that we’re surrounded by.

Monique: Life imitates art.

Kanz: Right, just like that huge canvas up there (points to the Heineken Art Pyramid). I seen them work on it yesterday. When they first started it, I had no clue what it would look like, they probably didn’t what it would look like. That’s what love is. You don’t know until you actually finish the whole thing. Most women, they want to see it now. They need to see it now. But, we are the type of people where we will construct something for you and you just have to see the actual picture. But women are very impatient. But the love that’s within that relationship, depending on who that is, it becomes so strong. You know what I’m saying? If they overstand the canvas that’s being painted.

Be sure to check out Kanz’s music here!


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