Name: Chris
Hometown: Newark, New Jersey
Age: 31
Age You First Fell in Love: How old was when I first fell in love with hip hop? I have to say I was around 7 or 8, it’s been forever. You gotta blur out my age, don’t let nobody hear that.
Love Is: Good planning, respect and open-mindedness meeting at one place. When you understand the balance of moderation and saturation. That’s what I consider love, unconditional love and open-mindedness practiced to the fullest.

Monique: What song made you fall in love with hip hop, or music in general?

Chris: (without hesitation) Craig Mack, “Flava in Ya Ear”

Monique: How old were you?

Chris: I don’t even fucking remember. It was crazy, my pops had brought me the tape home and he said, “Yo, you don’t got to listen to that funk shit no more that we listen to.” I grew up listening to a lot of funk, cause George Clinton is from Plainfield, New Jersey, so we were listening to a lot of funk. Then I heard Craig Mack “Flava in Ya Ear” and it was crazy, it was love.


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