Name: Camille
Hometown: Peachtree City, Georgia
Age: 26
Age You First Fell in Love: 15
Love Is: Now I would say it’s deep, it’s something from your soul. Two souls being able to be raw and vulnerable with one another. It’s a really deep commitment to feel like you can trust that person and there may even be things you don’t like about them but they’re insignificant because you’re in love.

Monique: Have you been in love after fifteen?

Camille: Not with another person; it’s a spiritual love now.

Monique: Now as far as being in love at fifteen and how you’ve grown into a spiritual love, what does fifteen year old look like now in comparison to twenty-six year old love?

Camille: So futile, very fleeting, a very surface level kind of love, very focused on the physicality and what that guy could do for me; as opposed to me loving him and sharing our love. If that makes sense.

Monique: What about your spiritual love, what does that mean to you?

Camille: I feel like that is the foundation for all other love. The spiritual love piece is something that intermixes with the physical love that I would have with a man.


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