Name: Alia
Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia by way of New York
Age: 26
Age You First Fell in Love: I want to say I was 18, to the definition I think now, I want to say 18
Love Is: I think it’s like this feeling of, you know when you first go over a roller coaster and you kind of can’t catch your breath and you have a million butterflies in your stomach? I think that’s kind of the feeling you get when you’re in love. But it’s also wanting to be a better person for that individual. Really being a partner with that other person. I know when I was in love or even now when I think I’m in love, I want to learn how to cook for them (laughs), it’s really having that partnership and wanting to grow old with somebody; wanting to have kids with somebody, hoping that they have their eyes or smile. Just really, really being a partner and growing old with them. It’s that pit in your stomach if you’re not here.


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