Name: Massa
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Age: 21
Age You First Fell in Love: 19
Love Is: Simply, I think it’s unconditional. I think it doesn’t have an age, it doesn’t have a race. (pauses to gather her words and laughs) I guess. . .that’s why in the Bible God said the greatest command is love, because it’s the hardest thing to feel but it’s the strongest emotion out there.

Massa: Um, I’m sorry, when you say fell in love, you mean?
Monique: Whatever it means to you. If there were more than two times, if there were times maybe you thought you were in love –
Massa: Thought.
Monique: Yeah, thought, or. . .it doesn’t mean the real thing, maybe you thought it was real and later learned it was not.
Massa: Well, I thought the first time was 19. But I don’t think, I’ve experienced what I know it to be now. I don’t think I’ve experienced that –
Monique: What was different? How old did you say you are?
Massa: I’m 21.
Monique: So what makes it different now at 21 than at 19?
Massa: Just because when you’re young, you grow and learn more when you get older. I’ve seen love, maybe from someone else, maybe I haven’t experienced it personally, but I can see in another person or other people’s relationship, what love is supposed to be like and I know when I thought it was love, that wasn’t it.


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