Love Poems: Ghost Man of Him a Lay Us

Oh Mr. Renaissance Man
So full of talents and qualities
Wisdom beyond this age

You travel across seas to understand your artistry
You perform to heal
You write to release

And I get it

For I travel across lands
I write to heal
I perform to release
I understand you

Mr. Renaissance
Your artistic sensibilities
Your passionate reflections
What beautiful creations
to be molded
if we joined forces

Renaissance woman and Renaissance man

creating and
and loving
oh yes loving

where our words
interlock and change
people’s hearts and minds
beginning with us

for we would mold and change
each other daily
yet this union
is just a fantasy

such sensitive artistic souls
can’t pair
for we too often
search for something
something to fill us

and i would love to say we could
fill that for each other
Mr. Renaissance

yet i’m scared to try
the renaissance woman i am
just keeps silent
so we find other compatible counterparts
that are just enough to appease us

but can never fully
grasp our beauty
but the beauty lives inside

and maybe one day
when your travels across seas
meet my travels across lands
we’ll see
the renaissance

– Bridgette Burton (Stone Mountain, Georgia)


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