Love Poems: When They Come With Machetes in Their Mouths

I am not superwoman. My mother is not superwoman. My mother’s mother is not superwoman.
I am, we are, soft. Can shatter. Crumble in your hands.
Our survival does not mean we prosper. We are like other women but unlike them.
So do not tell us we can handle anything.
We only seem like superwoman, a figment of your imagination,
because you have forced our lives to be perpetual labor with only seconds of relief.
If we carry the world on our shoulders and the children on our backs,
what are we but your glorified mules slapped with
guilt praises of perseverance and strength.
Our bones and our blood and our sweat have built the wealth of nations.
Our burial should not be the first time we rest.

– Yasmin Mohamed Yonis (Mogadishu, Somalia)


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