Name: Keith
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Age: 59
Age You First Fell in Love: I’ve fallen in love in more ways than one, but I married my real deal at 20.
Love Is: When you do things [for that person] without thinking twice, you do things without hesitancy, it’s automatic. You do it all unconditionally.

On Atlanta: I moved to Atlanta when I was 19 in 1973 and it has definitely changed. You know being from Minneapolis, I loved it down here. I went to Georgia State and there were so many beautiful black women walking around. Natural hair was the norm, it was everywhere. Our best pickup line was, “I love your hair.” I moved to East Point and I remember when I called an apartment leasing office, the woman on the phone told me, “You better hurry, all these coloreds are trying to move in!” (he laughs), but that’s how it was. Black people were more scattered, you’d never see as much black people as you do now in places like Stone Mountain or Cobb County. Things have definitely changed.

On Music: Earth, Wind and Fire or Parliament, that P-Funk. We bought that automatic! There was no need to listen to a single first, we just went down there and bought the record. Our music was about the struggle, you could hear it in the music. This generation is more about money and drugs and sex. Except for Tupac.

On Being Black: Your generation is proud of their accomplishments, what they’ve done, who they are. We were just proud to be black, that’s all we needed.



  1. I love this initiative! Keep it up…:-). We don’t often see “black love” featured. To read real life black love stories, I like to go on sites that feature (black) weddings, and then sometimes they also talk about how the couple met etc. That’s really all there is…..:-(

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