Name: Edmund
Hometown: Riverdale, Georgia and Accra, Ghana
Age: 21
Age You First Fell in Love: 16
Love Is: I was sixteen when I first fell in love with someone, who at the time, I felt was my soulmate. Everyday, I felt as if I couldn’t live without that person and I didn’t get over [them] for two years. Personally, what I have learned from love is being able to love a person based on their faults and using it to bring out the best in that person. Coming from [Ghana], my views on love generate from my parents. Which shows me that love is unconditional and love overcomes all weaknesses between two people. But it has also taught me that beliefs, morals and values play a role in a relationship filled with love. I have always been taught to pick someone who shares those beliefs that I have and have found that dating within one’s ethnicity accompanies that value strongly.


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