Name: Jackie
Hometown: Kennesaw, Georgia and Delta State, Nigeria
Age: 25
Age You First Fell in Love: 23
Love Is: I think there’s a difference between being in love and loving someone. I’ve said I’ve been in love, but I don’t think I meant it. I do think that love is being connected mind, body and spirit. My fear in love is that it won’t have God at the center, if He’s not at the center then it’s not love. My culture definitely influenced my idea of love. I felt like I was given a guideline on finding the ideal man and that love would come if he met the requirements. He had to have financial stability, be educated, handsome and African. I was so wrapped [up] in the concept of the ideal man that love took a backseat, along with my religious beliefs. It was not until this year that I realized that although having a guideline is important, I also have to make sure that God takes center stage in pursuit of love.



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