Name: Whitney
Hometown: Abia State, Nigeria
Age: 23
Age You First Fell in Love: 19, he was my first real boyfriend.
Love Is: The feeling I had was a feeling of absolute fullness. I felt as if I had found my soulmate. I wanted nothing but to spend all my time with my love. It was a feeling of completeness, having someone to always be with, cuddle with and hold. I felt as if I could give this person the world if he asked for it. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, which I think made me hard on the inside. I became more distant and cold when it came to love, because the feeling of loneliness and emptiness was unbearable. As for being African, I think it made me want to find love and not just settle for anyone. African culture stresses that girls, especially, get married at an early age. So I think that I’m at the age where I feel pressured to find love, but deep down still reluctant to find it.


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